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Google Workspace unusual sign-in corporate mobile device


If you’re trying to log in to your Google Workspace account and you get the following message:

We detected an unusual sign-in attempt. To make sure that someone else isn’t trying to access your account, your organization needs you to sign in using your corporate mobile device (the phone or tablet you normally use to access your corporate account). If you don’t have your corporate mobile device with you right now, try again later when you have your corporate mobile device with you. If you continue to have problems signing in, contact your administrator. Learn more

Go back & use your corporate mobile device

Then hopefully the solution below will help you.


I got this message – and I’ve never had a “corporate mobile device” at Eduflow (where I work) – and I also couldn’t find anything about it by searching in the Google Workspace admin interface.

To allow yourself to log in, log in as an admin to Google Workspace and go to your user account (here called “John Doe”).

Go to Users > John Doe > Security, then go to “Login challenge” and click it, and then click the “Turn off for 10 mins”-button.

Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 13 48 29

That’s it! You should be good to log in again.