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Fixing your SSL


Today I discovered a new tool: SSL Labs’ SSL test.

It let’s you input your domain URL and then checks the security of your SSL configuration for known vulnerabilities. After the test it gives you an overall security rating (on the US school A-F scale) along with a list of recommended changes to fix any security holes and follow best practice.

Testing on peergrade.io I got a horrendous F. The SSL proxy is running on an old Ubuntu machine, which hadn’t been updated in a while, making the SSL setup vulnerable to the Heartbleed1 vulnerability. Furthermore as the SSL-setup was an unconfigured/vanilla setup, POODLE2 and other downgrade attacks were also possible.

Updating packages and revising the SSL configuration I got the security rating up to an acceptable A-grading.

I can highly recommend using SSL test to check your SSL setup. Not only does it point out vulnerabilites but also links to resources on what the vulnerabilities entail and how to fix them.

1 Heartbleed: https://heartbleed.com/
2 POODLE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POODLE and https://www.openssl.org/~bodo/ssl-poodle.pdf